Ethereum : AMD Vega 56 not being detected by motherboard no signal

Ethereum update: AMD Vega 56 not being detected by motherboard no signal

Hi guys,

Got very excited today to receive a reference sapphire Vega 56

Unfortunately i’ve spent all day trying to get it to work, the radeon red light comes on and i can feel the card is warm but the fan does not spin at all when starting up my pc. I get no signal from my monitor with a known working hdmi cable and monitor.

I’m pretty sure its getting enough power with my psu before ive been able to run a gtx 570 and a gtx 1050ti and a load of hard drives and usb hubs,

My specs are

Intel 2600k

gigabyte z68xp-ud4

4 GB vengeance

Corsair TX650

AMD VEGA 56 nearly

Any help would be much appreciated

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