Ethereum : Anyone familiar with the asus prime z-270a?

Ethereum update: Anyone familiar with the asus prime z-270a?

If so I could really use some help. Basically I cannot get more than 4 gpu’s recognized. Everything is set to gen 2 (also tried gen 1), hd audio disabled, above 4g decoding enabled. Currently set to use integrated graphics but also tried from the x16 slot gpu.

Was using windows 10 1607 but am currently installing 1709 to see if that changes anything. Driver is the latest nvidia 398.xx and BIOS is up to date. Tried moving risers around in slots and get inconsistent results, with no distinct pattern other than never more than 4 gpu.

Anyone know the trick on this Mobo? Is it best to install the driver with one gpu in and restart, add 1, restart, add 1, etc or is it best to have them all in when installing driver (i have a mobo that will only recognize em all doing it this way).

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