Ethereum : Are we mining less fees with Ethermine because of free fees?

Ethereum update: Are we mining less fees with Ethermine because of free fees?

Ethermine will pay you as low as 0.05 ether and charges no fee, in reality those transactions are sent with 0.000021 ether fee. I was wandering how is this possible now, when the usual fee is more around 0.005, and only explanation is, that they incorporate those transactions to its own blocks, even if it doesn’t make sense economically. It sounds fair, or does it? Ethermine uses it as a part of its marketing, it’s cool to have something for free, but it isn’t free. For every transaction with almost none fee, there is transaction with high fee which isn’t in the block. So we are paying for ethermines marketing with our mining rewards. I don’t really like it, and this will be even bigger problem in the future, because as the network will scale, fees will probably be bigger part of our revenue. Someone may object that we are all paying for having something free, but we are not using the “something free” equally and I don’t like communism. What do you think?

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