Ethereum : ASUS Prime H270-Plus M.2 Slot Issues

Ethereum update: ASUS Prime H270-Plus M.2 Slot Issues

I am hoping to get some input on how to fix the current issue I’m having. I have an 8-rig build with the following:

8 Nvidia 1070

2 EVGA 750 PSUs

Asus H270-Plus motherboard

I have another build built out exactly the same that had no issues and is running fine. The issue I’m having with this one is that I have tried everything I can think of and can only get 7 cards to read… I cant get the second M.2 slot to read my 8th card (or any other one I try to connect there). I have switched out the M.2 adapter for others, as well as the risers and rearranged GPU cards and cables, and nothing works.

I then went into device manager and noticed that things look quite a bit different from the working rig I have to the one I am trying to complete. I see that the working rig has numerous “PCI-to-PCI Bridge” lines and only a few things listed under “Intel(R)” and the non-working rig is the opposite… it lists only two “PCI-to-PCI Bridge” lines and NUMEROUS “Intel(R)” items.

I thought that this is the issue and maybe right-clicking and updating the driver for all of the Intel(R) Express Root Port lines?? I have no idea! I have attached photos and hopefully someone can identify what I can do.



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