Ethereum : Asus Z270-P issue… x16 PCIE slots

Ethereum update: Asus Z270-P issue… x16 PCIE slots

I built my first miner over the weekend, a 4x RX580 rig. I intend to make it a 6x rig. While setting it up, I found that all the PCIE slots work EXCEPT for the x16 ones. So basically my cards are plugged into the small PCIE slots so they’re all running, but I’d like to be able to get the x16 ones working so I can add another pair.

When I plug any of the cards into one of the x16 slot, the machine won’t boot up. Just a black screen.

I did all the bios settings for this MB, but set everything to Gen 2 instead of Gen 1 (that’s what the tutorial I was following recommended).

Has anyone run into this problem of everything working EXCEPT the x16 slots? I’m OK with experimenting with it to get it to work if I have some theories on what to do to fix it, but it’s chugging along on the other slots just fine so I don’t want to have any more downtime than necessary because I’m just taking stabs at it.

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