Ethereum : “At the wall” Power Consumption…

Ethereum update: “At the wall” Power Consumption…

I’ve been working on getting back into mining and have setup a simple rig with a single rx570 as I learn the various quirks. I last did this back in the SCrypt days.

Initially i’d stuck the card in an old Dell workstation with a Core2Quad (Q6600) and spent some time getting to grips with the bios mod, hash rates, clocks etc. After lots of tweaking it was happily cranking out 29MH/s at 1060core/1995mem. However it was drawing 250w from the wall with only one card, which seemed excessive. Lots of people suggest these cards draw 100w or less…

I figured the old Dell was rather inefficent with its old Core2Quad etc, especially as it seemed to be drawing about 90w at idle.

So the bits finally turned up for the actual rig; A Pentium G4500, Asus B250H, 4GB ram and a laptop hard drive. No PSU yet, but only one GPU anyway so it was all hooked up to a basic 350w PSU. Idle power consumption with the PC on its own running with iGPU was around 25w. Idle consumption with the GPU fitted was around 45w. Certainly an improvement!

Fired up the miner and it went up to 230w…! Not impressed!

Did some reading and realised i need to get the voltage on the GPU reduced. So used the Claymore options to set cvddc and mvddc to 900mv, and tried the miner again. Now i’m getting 175w at the wall, a decent improvement!

However this is nowhere near the “80-100w” people seem to claim these cards can draw… Given the machines idling at 25w, this cards drawing more like 150w while mining.

What have i missed?

Anyone got some actual “at the wall” numbers for one of these once fully tuned up?


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