Ethereum : Best coin to mine on R9 390?

Ethereum update: Best coin to mine on R9 390?

Hey everyone, I’m a little bit new to mining, but I did do my research prior to buying these GPU. I purchased 3 R9 390, 2 XFX R9 390 and 1 Saphire R9 390. All should reach around 27 mh/s and after using the ETH calculator, it shows I’ll only make roughly $0.50 minus electricity costs. When I purchased them two weeks ago it said it would make a little over a dollar a day. Anyway, was wondering if there’s a different coin I can mine that will net in more profit or should I just get rid of these GPU since I got them for cheap? Keep in mind electricity cost isn’t a problem since my light bill is only $4 a month.

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