Ethereum : BIOS Modding RX 480/570/580

Ethereum update: BIOS Modding RX 480/570/580

Hey guys I’m still new to this whole mining thing. So i have a few rigs running all on stock bios. I own RX 480/570/580 all are 4gb except the RX 580’s are 8gb. I’ve heard that bios modding will increase hash rate and lower power consumption so it seems pretty cool. So i had a few questions.

1. If I bios mod a card, when i hook it up and run it on either ETHOS or WIN 10 on claymore miner, do i still have to set the memory clock speeds, and voltages manually? Or when you mod the cards it automatically sets those speeds and voltages?
2. What is the best tutorial for my said cards? I’ve looked online and have found several guides but most if not all have comments of people saying that they messed up their cards or couldn’t get it to work.
3. Related to the previous questions: most bios mod tutorials require copying the 1500 or 1750 “straps” to the higher values (i.e.: 1750,2000,etc). What does this actually do? What is a strap?

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