Ethereum : Can a single GPU have VRAM chips from more than one manufacturer?

Ethereum update: Can a single GPU have VRAM chips from more than one manufacturer?

First of all, I am new to cryptocurrency mining and this is my first attempt at BIOS modding. I am using Polaris BIOS Editor version 1.6.7 for this task. The thing is that, for some of my GPUs, after after I click on the “one click timing patch” button, Polaris BIOS Editor only gives out one dialogue box telling me which make of memory it has detected and the straps “good timings” will be applied to. But, for some of my other GPUs, I get two such dialogue boxes showing two different makes of memory. I want to know exactly why is this happening and what should I do? I don’t want any of GPUs to get bricked!

EDIT:- People don’t seem to understand what I am asking here. I am asking about a single unit of a particular model GPU having different VRAM chips from different manufacturers NOT multiple units of a particular model GPU having VRAM chips from multiple makes. An example of this would be a RX 580 I have, which according to Polaris BIOS Editor has both Hynix and Elpida chips.

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