Ethereum : Claymore and Phoenix both will not start. Details in thread.

Ethereum update: Claymore and Phoenix both will not start. Details in thread.

EDIT – SOLVED! The solution was to go into the device manager, click view and show hidden devices, and uninstall the integrated GPU. Claymore and Phoenix both booted right up. Thanks u/asdf4455 !

I believe this has something to do with an update Windows has, because I have the exact same mb/cpu/ram/hd setup on another rig and this was not an issue. So if you’re fresh installing a new rig, this is the likely culprit!


So I’ve built a few rigs, never come across this problem. A board I had was having trouble so I bought a new one and now have 6 cards on a fresh Windows install for this rig. Everything looks good. But for some reason, Phoenix and Claymore will not start.

No errors. Here is what Claymore is doing with wallet/rig info changed:

C:Usersrig4DesktopClaymore>EthDcrMiner64.exe -epool -ewal wallet.rig -epsw x

║ Claymore’s Dual ETH + DCR/SC/LBC/PASC GPU Miner v10.2 ║

ETH: 1 pool is specified
Main Ethereum pool is
DCR: 0 pool is specified

Press any key to continue . . .

Phoenixminer with standard wallet:

C:Usersrig4DesktopPhoenixMiner_2.9e>PhoenixMiner.exe -pool ssl:// -pool2 ssl:// -wal 0x008c26f3a2Ca8bdC11e5891e0278c9436B6F5d1E.Rig001
Phoenix Miner 2.9e Windows/msvc – Release

No CUDA driver found

Press any key to continue . . .

Anyone have any ideas? I’m pretty lost on this one.

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