Ethereum : Claymore miner closing issues?

Ethereum update: Claymore miner closing issues?

So, I’ve noticed a recent trend that also affects me, and others from the Claymore Miner thread

*For example*

^(03:27:26:575 f7c Check and remove old log files…)

^(03:27:26:579 f7c args: -epool) [^(]( ^(-ewal (InsertAddressHere).MiningRig -epsw x)

^(03:27:26:582 f7c)


^(03:27:26:590 f7c º Claymore’s Dual GPU Miner – v11.8 º)

^(03:27:26:594 f7c º ETH + DCR/SIA/LBC/PASC/BLAKE2S/KECCAK º)


^(03:27:26:601 f7c)

^(03:27:26:605 f7c b591)

^(03:27:26:824 f7c ETH: 1 pool is specified)

^(03:27:26:829 f7c Main Ethereum pool is) [^(](

^(03:27:26:833 f7c DCR: 0 pool is specified)

This is where it cuts off, and then closes suddenly.

Others have reported the Issue too, the links below are a few references from the thread.



I’m posting here in hopes of someone knowing a workaround or a way to fix it.

Thanks guys, Happy mining.

Edit: The Insert address part, I changed just for privacy reasons.

Edit 2: To include a little more information, I have 6 GPU’s set up on a rig, All 580’s, all are bios modded.

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