Ethereum : Claymore not creating DAG on HiveOS

Ethereum update: Claymore not creating DAG on HiveOS

Hi, I was using HiveOS on this specific rig for 2 weeks without any issues. Now, it is not possible to create DAG – Claymore miner do not show any error, it is just doing nothing right before it should start creating DAG. I tried different version of Claymore, reinstalled AMD drivers (completely) but still the same.
I tried ethminer and it is working, even though DAG creating took 15 seconds instead of 5s-6s as it used to and hashrate is around 95 comparing to original 172. My suspicion is motherboard, I replaced this one 2 weeks ago, so it is completely new, but I had similar problem, but only with one gpu out of six. Any ideas? I would really appreciate that.

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