Ethereum : Claymore – Win 10 – Nvidia + Radeon

Ethereum update: Claymore – Win 10 – Nvidia + Radeon

Hey guys i have 2 quick questions. I’m still new to this mining thing so as much explanation as possible would be great!

1. I have successfully ran claymore miner running only radeon cards and only nvidia cards. However when i ran nvidia cards i always overclocked and undevolted with MSI afterburner. And when i ran radeon cards i use the config bat file in claymore. If i want to use both Nvidia and radeon cards in a single bat file how would i go about configuring it? When i set the mem core speeds for example i want them to only affect the radeon cards not the nvidia cards in the .bat file, how do I do that?
2. Unrelated to the first questions: I have an ethos machine running 8 radeon cards. And it runs stable for days on end. So today i bought another xfx rx580 8gb card and i replaced one of my exact cards in my rig with it (non modded bios on both) and it starts hashing a little lower than the first 28 vs 30 MH/s. but after 5-10 minutes the hash rate drops to 0 only on the new cards, and i don’t know why. Both cards are identical, same settings, and the other 7 cards hash away without problems.

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