Ethereum : CPU power per gpu?

Ethereum update: CPU power per gpu?

Does a rig use more cpu power the more gpus you have mining on it or is the cpu power usage fairly high no matter what? I would like to use a bunch of old junk computers with a single gpu each, but won’t if it is a waste of power on each cpu to do so.

Edit: I have another question if anyone cares to answer, if it wasn’t for “the dag” would hashing power fall exponentially to uselessness? The way it seems to me is that a new gpu is released and if its price performance ratio is good (or at the time when the market trends upwards) then a fuckload of miners will expand their mining units which as a percentage of hashing power diminishes your odds/profit. So electrically efficient and cheap from the factory new cards that out muscle the new cards are necessary for old cards to suffer (unless other miners have lower standards than you and will accept a longer ROI than you. Purchasing/increasing hashing power when you would not.) So when you hold gfx cards “miners” are you not betting against AMD, NVIDIA, and the ASIC designers ability to innovate?

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