Ethereum : Difficulty bomb and block reward increase/decrease discussion/opinions.

Ethereum update: Difficulty bomb and block reward increase/decrease discussion/opinions.

The difficulty bomb is going to be delayed, that is a certain thing, but there hasn’t been as much talk about the block reward changing. In the core dev meeting #44, there weren’t any arguments raised for or against increasing/decreasing the block reward. I feel that as core developers they don’t have as much say as a miner does because the change won’t affect them as much as it would as the miner.

Obviously any change to the incentive system that Ethereum currently has may have a huge impact on hashrate so they seem to be waiting for solid arguments in either direction to give them some insight into what the opinions are of the people who will be affected most. So I thought I could start a small discussion so they might see this and get a little bit of help.

Obviously for the pure incentive side of things, many miners would want to have the reward increase but that means a bigger inflation rate and how that would affect the ecosystem as a whole is a whole different thing. I’m looking for opinions that take into account widespread changes that might occur because of a change like this.

Any miners that could offer their own insight into this would be appreciated.

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