Ethereum : Downvolting 1060/1070/1080 the best way.

Ethereum update: Downvolting 1060/1070/1080 the best way.

***using MSI AB***

Hi folks!

After playing with all memory flavors of 1060s, I reached interesting conclusions. As you probably know, Vcore is the main thing that lowers any card’s power usage. Default voltage is 1050mV during mining. Hynix cards can drop easily to 650mV only by adding +150mhz core clock. Micron cards drop between 650 and 900, depending on card design (1-2-3 fan). Samsung is hardest to limit, but fastest hashing. Here are the steps I took to limit all my GPUs to 800mV at TDP 50% (with different TDP will varry ofcourse). Rig power usage with 6×1060 dropped to 518W at the wall:

1. Set core clock to +150Mhz, Mem clock to + whatever your hardware allows (min +500Mhz).
2. Open MSI AB, settings, check the voltage monitoring checkbox and start your miner.
3. Write down total rig power usage and current GPU core clock value.
4. Click the three bars in front of the core clock slider in MSI AB.
5. Select the 1000mV dot and push it upwards to 2150Mhz.
6. Move the curve window aside so you can see MSI AB main window and drop core clock to -400Mhz (min).
7. Return to voltage curve window, select first dot on the left and raise it to 1595Mhz (must be lower than 1600Mhz).
8. Observe the main window’s core voltage value of 1050mV and click Apply (check symbol).
9. The card should now be downvolted from 1050mV to 800mV. Core temperature will start dropping with atleast 4 degrees C.

* Note that you might want to lower or increase your TDP, otherwise this limit will not kick-in.

* You can experiment with 1000mV value by using neighbour dots instead for even better results.

If you test this on 1070 and 1080, please share your findings, as I only tested it once.

*** for Nvidia inspector scroll below.

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