Ethereum : ETH mining pool and remote monitoring app

Ethereum update: ETH mining pool and remote monitoring app

Ethereum mining pool [](


We are a group of 4 software developers that are all miners. We decided to use our development background to start a pool and slowly add features that we wanted to see in other pools. Any feedback or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. We have also built an open source GPU mining/monitoring software app that we call BPM that is also ETH compatible []( Our goal has been to build cool software and to help the community whenever we can. We set out to build software for ‘one click mining’ that can help ease setup for ETH mining for new/small miners and also provide tools powerful enough for mining farms. We are a new and super tiny pool right now, be we are not going anywhere anytime soon.


Some neat pics:

* [Remote GPU Monitor](
* [Remote GPU Worker Details](
* [Profitability Dashboard](
* [Remote Web Monitor](
* [Remote Mobile Monitor](


**Pool details:**


* Payouts every 15 minutes
* Minimum payout 0.05
* 0.5% fee
* Anonymous mining
* Live Shares display on your miner page – no long wait periods to see your miners mining
* Clean and modern interface in browser and on mobile
* Configurable SMS phone text alert system to tell you if a miner goes down
* Enterprise grade servers and active tech support
* US based servers with new nodes added soon
* Active development with a long list of features on our roadmap


**BPM GPU monitor app details:**


* Open source and 0% fees
* Anonymous mining
* Real time remote monitoring for all your GPU’s including temps, hashrate, power, etc
* Forecasts from whattomine using your actual hashrate and actual earnings, converted to your fiat of choice
* Support for GPU farms
* Remote monitoring from our website/mobile


**ETH Connection Info:**


Stratum Server:


2020 – GPU MINERS (Vardiff enabled)
2021 – GPU MINERS Higher Difficulty(Vardiff enabled)
2022 – Nicehash (Vardiff enabled with min difficulty)
Username: YourETHAddress.YourWorkerName

Example: 0x56dc37d9d87086bdcf2209da6d774a9e99ba91f4.RIG01

Password: Use “x”

**Password is ignored by BitPoolMining Servers**


Please note that for Ethereum GPU mining pool you need to use a specific setting to set the stratum protocol
* For Claymore’s miner please use the command line option -esm 3
* For Genoil’s ethminer please use the command line option -SP 2
* For Phoenix miner please use the command line option -proto 4


Chat with us on Discord

edit: full disclosure, I am one of the pool owners, developer and operator.

View the link

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