Ethereum : ETHlargementpill – close window, hashrate improves?

Ethereum update: ETHlargementpill – close window, hashrate improves?


1. Click on ETHlargementpill .exe file
2. Run claymore miner with 1080 TIs. 1080 TIs hash at 46-47MH/s (thanks OMGitsagirl/itsacompany!)
3. Close ETHlargementpill window. 1080 TIs hash increases to 49MH/s… confusion
4. Open ethlargmentpill again. 1080 TIs hash decreases back to 46MH/s…

Isn’t the pill process supposed to be kept alive to do… something? Whatever trickery it does that nobody outside of the dev team knows? Why does it initially improve hashrate when opened before miner is opened, but then keep hashrate lower than when I close it after the miner starts working?

Confirmed in task manager that the pill isn’t running after I close it. I can also rename the .exe file.

If I make any changes to the 1080 TI settings (e.g. mem clock, core clock) after closing ethlargement pill, hashrate drops back to ~33MH/s. Open ethlargementpill again – hashrate jumps again to 46MH/s. Close the pill again… hashrate jumps up to 49MH/s

What am I missing?

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