Ethereum : Ethminer configuration issues (linux) with minergate

Ethereum update: Ethminer configuration issues (linux) with minergate

Downloaded [Ethminer 0.14.0](, then downloaded my [pool’s .bat file]( for CUDA… ran it from the folder… gives out this and can’t connect:

$ ./ethminer
m 15:58:48|ethminer| ethminer version 0.14.0
m 15:58:48|ethminer| Build: linux / release +git. 24c65cf
ℹ 15:58:48|ethminer| Found suitable OpenCL device [ GeForce GTX 1060 6GB ] with 6365118464 bytes of GPU memory
cu 15:58:48|ethminer| Using grid size 8192 , block size 128

Someone told me, so I tried

chmod a+x file.bat

with the same result running the ethminer-file. Btw I’m about to mine ETClassic, if this makes a difference.

Anyone know, how to connect Ethminer to minergate properly?

Thank you. 🙂

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