Ethereum : Ethos – Claymore – RX480/580 – Lowering Power Consumption

Ethereum update: Ethos – Claymore – RX480/580 – Lowering Power Consumption

Im running an Ethos rig mining with Claymore using 4 RX480’s and 4 RX 580’s. I have flashed 7 of the cards but only adjusted the straps not the voltages. Below are my settings used:

4x RX 480 4gb running at 100% fans, 2000 memory clock, 1150 core clock, and DPM 3. The 4 cards consume 113, 117, 107, and 113 watts.

3x RX 580 8gb running at 100% fans, 2250 memory clock, 1180 core clock, and DPM 3. The 3 cards consume 122, 119, and 118 watts.

1x RX 580 8 gb (only unflashed cards) same settings as above but using 145 watts.

So i had a few questions:

1. With Ethos can i set both the core clock speed and DPM? I think i read somewhere that if you set both the -cclock and DPM that only the -cclock gets used. Is this true? Or will the system apply both settings?
2. Whats the best way to reduce the power intake of the cards? What ethos/ claymore settings should I use?
3. The goal is to run my cards cooler, so thats why I’m trying to lower energy consumption, is there anything else, any other setting i can use to make the cards run cooler?

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