Ethereum : External cooling prevents on gpu board fans spinning.

Ethereum update: External cooling prevents on gpu board fans spinning.

Hello folks

I set my target temperature to 60 °C on `OverdriveNtool`. Thus whenever gpu temp. goes above 53 – 54 °C, gpu fans starts spinning automatically. Below 53 °C gpu fans are not spinning.

I just have setup external air cooling stuff which they are performing quite well. They keep my gpus at 49 – 50 °C but sometimes gpus reach to 54 – 55 °C. After that gpu’s fans starts spinning and with the help of external ones it goes below to 49 – 50 °C again. This cycle causes gpu fans spin for 3 – 4 mins and wait in idle state for like 10 mins.

**Does it damage gpu at all? or fans?**

**Should I force them for running even at low RPM?**

Thanks in advance.

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