Ethereum : Extremely High Temps on a few cards (Reporting 511 Celsius!)

Ethereum update: Extremely High Temps on a few cards (Reporting 511 Celsius!)

So, If you check my last post. (

I was having issues of my rig crashing every couple days for a few months. I ended up switching to a intel CPU + Mobo, upgrading the ram to 8gb, and switching to HIVE OS.
After all of this It ran for 2 weeks on HIVEOS with 0 Issues!

Then friday, I thought it was a good time to try and OC the one card that was getting less MH than the other 4. (22 on this card compared to 27-28 on the others. ) I tried download Polaris Bios Editor but when I opened it on the miner, it popped up with an error that it was unable to determine my card specs and asked that I adjust some BIOS settings. I DID NOT adjust the cards, or upload/adjust any settings. I simply closed the software, and booted back into HIVEOS.

Since then a few of my cards will run fine for about 3 hours then will shut down due to temps too high (Reporting 511 Celsius!). I end up restarting the miner rig from HIVE OS remotely, and when it comes back the temps are fine but 1 of the 5 cards is now missing.

Any idea on what could be causing these readings to show so high? (bad riser?) Or the missing GPU after restart? (PreReboot) (AfterReboot)

Edit #1:
Thanks for all the help everyone, Replaced the offending riser as many suggested. Seems to be OKAY for now.

I also dropped the power and core clock settings as u/Wasabigaming suggested. (You are a MVP man, thanks for all the help I see you giving to everyone.) And my power draw is at HALF of what is was, and my GPUS are running at 40-60% fans at 64-70c.

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