Ethereum : Fried GPU – things I should check for?

Ethereum update: Fried GPU – things I should check for?


I’ve been happily running a mining rig in my basement for about a year now stably, and just had a 1070 fry on me (burned spot on the back of the PCB). I’d been running this card overclocked with +500 MHz memory and 79degC thermal target.

While I’m not totally surprised that an ebay purchased used GPU and subsequently overclocked card died on me in a tiny puff of flame, I wanted to ask a couple of questions:

1. If rest of mining rig appears to be running fine, is there anything else I should be cautious of having been damaged? For safety I decided to leave the other two 1060’s in the rig at stock speeds for the moment (usually running those at +300 memory and 79C thermal)

2. Were my OC settings overly aggressive for a 1070? I have a 2nd 1070 in another computer also running overclocked (in that case at 80% power and +525 MHz memory), so if you think those settings are too high maybe I should throttle back or run at stock


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