Ethereum : Good RX580 Settings?

Ethereum update: Good RX580 Settings?

Hi r/ethermining


UPDATE: settings

* Core 1150 mhz
* Memory 2100 Mhz
* MSI Afterburner core voltage offset: -37 mV
* Reported Voltage (MSI Afterburner): fluctuating between 1100-1112 mV
* Temp: 58 deg. C
* Fans: forced 85%
* Rejected Shares so far: 0
* Hashrate: 30-31 MH/s
* Memory; Samsung as reported by GPU-Z.

I did experience some artifacting in windows by going to stock factory clocks 1366/2000 (Core/Mem) and then I switched the settings above after a restart from my saved profile in MSI afterburner. I do not see any artifacting on my screen now. How can I check for stability? Have I f*cked my card up?

**EDIT:** Claymore reported lots of incorrect share so I went to stock memory clock (2000 mhz)
Hashrate back to 29 mh/s ;-;

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