Ethereum : Guide to automatically get email alerts if something goes wrong on a Rig

Ethereum update: Guide to automatically get email alerts if something goes wrong on a Rig

Hi there i have only being mining for 3 weeks , i have created a very nice automated email alert system thanks to [](

and HWINFO64 , we create this

$EmailFrom = “”

$EmailTo = “”

$Subject = “The subject of your email”

$Body = “What do you want your email to say”

$SMTPServer = “”

$SMTPClient = New-Object Net.Mail.SmtpClient($SmtpServer, 587)

$SMTPClient.EnableSsl = $true

$SMTPClient.Credentials = New-Object System.Net.NetworkCredential(“usr”, “pass”);

$SMTPClient.Send($EmailFrom, $EmailTo, $Subject, $Body)

on notepad

You will need to change the following:

* **$EmailFrom** = Your GMail address.
* **$EmailTo** = The recipient’s email address.
* **$Subject** = What you want the subject of the mail to say.
* **$Body** = What you want the main part of the mail to say.
* **usr** = You will need to ***replace*** this with your GMail username.
* **pass** = You will need to ***replace*** this with your GMail password.

, we change the extension to .ps1 then we apply this on powershell Set-ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned

then we create a .bat file with these “powershell -noexit .\email.ps1” we create a shorcut to the bat and put in on shell:startup , by doing that if the computer restarts by lets say a windows update or a power failure it will automatically send an email to your phone an if you have an apple watch you will get the alert , but its better if you also use HWINFO64

to monitor the watts on gpu chip power in my case i put the low on 100 the max on 200 you choose alert settings to run a program to the name of the .bat so it will automatically send a continuous email alert if one of the cards goes below 100 watts or up of 200 watts (i use a vega 56 with 852 mhz on gpu and 935 mhz on memory , it uses 172 watts claymore dual miner 41,3 mhs ) but if something goes wrong and the computer restarts wattman will go default and it will go to 230 watts 34 mhs the i will get the constant alert and remotely connect and put then to 41,3 mhs 172 watts , i hope you like it and if you feel to tip on ETH thank you

## [0xebceb44fb2af75acc4a834774eee6d1330d333d7](

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