Ethereum : H110-D3A drops random gpu on start

Ethereum update: H110-D3A drops random gpu on start

Hey community,


Motherboard: H110-D3A

CPU: Intel® Pentium® Processor G4260 (3M Cache, 3.30 GHz)

Ram: Kingston DDR4 4GB 21400MHz Value RAM KIN

GPU: 6x GIGABYTE Rx 580 8GB Gaming 8GD – rev-10-11



6x PCIE Express 1x to16x Extender Riser

Windows : 10 , ver 1709


When i start the machine, before getting the gigabyte logo screen, one GPU randomly drops, and fan on that gpu run on 100%.. windows load , and u can start mining with rest of the cards while this card will go on running on 100% and nothing happens ( the random dropped gpu does not show up on devices manager) .

This happens when i run the machine with 6, or 1 card ( any number of cards attached have possibility on restart to random drop any card ). Changes MB ( same model same shit, also tried with Asus z270, same happening ) nothing changed. Another Ram, nothing changed. I tried with only 1 psu, ( connected 2-3 cards ) same happening. Risers… i think i changed 50 ( i also got out risers from rig witch is already working )

I did update on latest BIOS F25.. Scenarios i tried on that bios:
Mining mode on, secure boot off, Max link speed ( auto / gen 1 / gen 2 / gen 3 )

Windows 8/10 Features : Windows 8/10 , CSM Support – Off

Mining mode : Enabled, Initial Display output IGFX, Above 4k Decoding Enabled , Internal Graphic – Enabled.. ( disabled audio and IOAPIC 24/119 Entried )

Tried every combination from the things i wrote up above. ( I Guess every , because i’m stuck on this bios 2 days already)

The symptoms are the following:

1 ( or more random gpu’s ) on same start, when u press the power button, get late power and that(‘s) gpu(‘s) get dropped.

This is even visible for eye because the gpu’s have led lighting on them, so any gpu that led start last, he get dropped.

Forgot to mention, this problem isn’t happening on every start/restart of the system. System after some restart(start) know’s to run all 6 gpu’s and to run perfectly. Only thing i didn’t touched is DVMT-Pre-Allocated and DVMT-Total Gfx Mem

Any 1 have ( had ) similar problem with setup like this?

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