Ethereum : Hashrate on linux stable, Windows widely fluctuates

Ethereum update: Hashrate on linux stable, Windows widely fluctuates

Hi All, I have this problem, that on Windows I get widely fluctuating hashrates in Claymore (or Phoenix), but the same setup works perfectly on linux. I’ve searched far and wide, but I could only find suggestions to this problem, that I would rule out (not enough power, bios settings, compute mode, etc.). I am using 5 bios modded RX series AMD cards, and they work perfectly fine under ubuntu 18 with Claymore11.9, and the latest 18.20 AMD drivers. Hashrate is pretty stable. However under Windows I can’t start Claymore 2 times in a row with the same hashrate, and it even changes while the miner is working. Any idea why this is apart from power/bios/compute mode? I tried older drivers, latest driver, but they pretty much all produce the same result. Clueless, please help.

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