Ethereum : Help Flashing RX480

Ethereum update: Help Flashing RX480

Hi all, I’m trying to flash my XFX RX480 GTR BE to an RX580. I flashed almost 20 bios, but each one of them gave me the same result: PC starts, load windows, some random freezes and black screens, bsod video_tdr_failure or amd radeon setting gets blocked by windows.

Pixel patcher doesn’t change anything.

Do you guys have any idea how to fix this?


*Thanks to all for the tips, now I’m running a custom RX580 bios! The Fawkes 2.0 one, working like a charm!*

*I opened it with polaris editor and noticed that some GPU Mv were invalid, entered the xfx 580 gtr-s be ones and now everything works!*

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