Ethereum : HUGE drop in Nanopool earnings???

Ethereum update: HUGE drop in Nanopool earnings???

I have been mining for 1 year on Nanopool and monitoring my stats several times a day and comparing with predictions on Usually, the earnings on Nanopool are within 5% of the predictions on Whattomine, but today they suddenly dropped significantly.

To illustrate with numbers, my reported hashrate is 900 Mh/s and average calculated hashrate is about the same. According to, I should be earning 2.14 Ether per month after the 1% pool fee is subtracted, but instead I am earning 1.8 Ether per month, which is 16% lower than predictions. By the way, I was earning about 2 Ether per month for the past few weeks with the exact same mining setup. Also, the mining difficulty is slightly going down, so Nanopool earnings should be going slightly up, if anything.

Did anyone else notice this huge unexpected drop in earnings? What could be causing it? Is it time to switch to another pool?

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