Ethereum : I keep tripping my breaker! Please advise.

Ethereum update: I keep tripping my breaker! Please advise.

Hey everyone, I’ve been mining for a year now with no problems. But I was using the HP 1200w psu (link: that came with the open air case I purchased and the tiny fan on that was just way too loud so I decided to replace it. I had another 1200w platinum Corsair psu I was using in tandem with the HP one for my 6 GPUS (rx570s) and my H81 pro BTC motherboard and i5 processor.

All I did was replace the HP 1200w psu with a 750w bronze EVGA psu and put in an add2psu so they would turn on together. I have my motherboard and the 3 fans that came with the case plus 2 gpus plugged into the 750w psu and the other 4 gpus plugged into the 1200w Corsair psu. I had 5 gpus plugged into the corsair but it kept tripping the breaker after a few mins, when I moved another one to the 750w, it ran fine for 6 hours before tripping the breaker. It runs for a while but it eventually trips the breaker within either 30 mins to max 6 hours and I’m not sure why. It’s 20amp plug and it was running fine for a year with the two 1200w psu and nothing have changed except replacing one of the PSUs. I thought since it has lower wattage it would even have a lower power draw?

Sorry if this rambled on but I would appreciate any and all advice of what might be the problem with my new setup? I was considering maybe upgrading to a single 1500w psu, don’t want to spend more money but if it will be a better rig then I am open to it. Thank you in advanced for offering your advice!

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