Ethereum : I lost 2 cards then my 4 cards overnight, any idea how to troubleshoot ?

Ethereum update: I lost 2 cards then my 4 cards overnight, any idea how to troubleshoot ?

I have a 4*1070 rig running on windows 10 in my parents basement with a constant 123MH/s (30.75 by card) on [](

Yesterday, I lost 2 then my 4 cards (or the script throw an error). I do not know what happend, I control them remotely with [chrome-remote-desktop]( but when I lost the 4 cards I can’t remote control so I have to call my parents and ask them to power it off and on (using the PSU). After the reboot, everything run fine.

In order to fix this issue I upgraded ethminer from my old ethminer version (0.14 dev3 I think) to [ethminer 0.15.0]( But I had the same issue tonight.

I think I will try to redirect the output of the console to a file in order to maybe see an error but I’am afraid the file will be way too big because there is a lot of output.

My first suspect here is the power limit, I OC my cards, I don’t remember exact values but it’s been like this since last january without any issues, the only thing I remember is the power limit a 65%, maybe the increase temp in the basement cause my cards to crash because they don’t have enough power.

Do you have any idea what can cause that, and how can I troubleshoot this issue without physical access to the rig ?


Edit: I happened again tonight, here is the event log at the time of the crash:

View the link

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