Ethereum : Is 60 – 65ms pool latency reasonable?

Ethereum update: Is 60 – 65ms pool latency reasonable?

I am connected to []( and even my gpus are not raising so many memory errors somehow I’ve got `%4 – 10` stale share rate. If I am not wrong, it is too much.

I am using ethernet cable not WiFi. It has approx. `60 – 65ms`.

What might be causing those stale shares? Does anyone have an idea?

I don’t know what to do to reduce it.

Thanks in advance.

Edit: I sacrafied from hash rate by reducing memory clock but I think I finally get less (around %1 for 6 hours) stale shares and less memory errors. I might be sucker because of getting 27 – 28mh/s from 8gb Rx580 Samsung Memory.

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