Ethereum : Is 89c okay or crazy?

Ethereum update: Is 89c okay or crazy?

My Power supply died a month ago and I was getting 28 mh/s at between 75-82c with fan speed at 30-60%.

Now claymore mines at 89c with fans at 25% max?

I’ve reset to original bios and it still mines 89c just at 22 mh/s not 28-29m h/s

I’ve changed drivers to the block chain version, but it still runs 89c.

I can’t change it in wattman, it just goes back to settings everytime I move it.

How can I override wattman to make the fan come on stronger? Or is this even the question I should be asking?

Was there a change in Windows or something in the last 30ish days that caused mining problems?

any help would be great. at it for hours now.

“Follow up” Downloaded afterburner and it worked.

Thanks all!

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