Ethereum : Let’s have a frank discussion about Casper FFG’s delay

Ethereum update: Let’s have a frank discussion about Casper FFG’s delay

With all due respect to the ETH devs, I personally think delaying Casper FFG was a mistake. It should have been released on the main chain this year as Vitalik was originally championing. The combined full Casper/Sharding could be released when ready on the beacon chain. The Casper wind is no longer at ETH’s back. The benefits of Casper by itself are enormous. For example, Casper would take a significant number of ETH out of circulation, would have largely addressed the massive electricity use problem inherent to POW, and would have significantly reduced the issuance rate.

2nd layer scaling solutions like Loom, Plasma, and state channels such as Raiden actually support my reasoning that **Casper FFG should not have been delayed**. The 2nd layer scaling solutions could have filled the scaling gap while Sharding was further developed and released on the beacon chain.

Bottom TLDR line: Casper FFG was virtually ready to be released (i.e., in final stages of formal verification and node implementations were well under way) and should have been released on main net this year.

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