Ethereum : Logging Ethminer to log file in Windows.

Ethereum update: Logging Ethminer to log file in Windows.

I’m having stability issues with Ethminer, I suspect because I’m OC’ing one or more of my cards too hard. So I’m trying to diagnose which one it is which is proving to be a PITA because by default Ethminer records 0 logs, which seems pretty rediculous to me but I won’t look a gift horse in the mouth.

I’ve come across a [few]( [guides]( that recommend to download the following .exe and include it in my mining folder and then use this ccommand in order to output the miner to a log file.

I’m wary of downloading any exe in the crypto space. Can anyone confirm if this is correct or give me another method of logging Ethminer to a log file?

>on windows:
>ethminer -G -F http://yourpool 2>&1 | wtee output.log
>On windows, download wtee from and put it inside the ethminer directory

Thanks in advance!

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