Ethereum : Massively Fluctuating Hashrates on AMD Cards (8-30Mhs)

Ethereum update: Massively Fluctuating Hashrates on AMD Cards (8-30Mhs)

Hello guys, I have 2 machines with HiveOS (after the last windows update debacle I made the jump). I have two machines

* 6 RX570 on a H81 BTC 2.0
* 6 RX580 on a Asus Z270-a

For some reason the 6 RX580 machine cards are all fluctuating from anywhere between 8 and 30~ MH/s. I’ve tried

* Reinstalling HiveOS
* Running 4 cards to see if it’s something to do with the number of cards
* Switching PCI to Gen 2

But have the same issues. Google showed a few others having similar issues but i haven’t found a solution.

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