Ethereum : Miner stuck, cant start mining

Ethereum update: Miner stuck, cant start mining


A few days ago my PC restart and update itself, even though I turn off windows update. after it come back on the mining speed is halved. I try to reinstall the driver but it didn’t affect, so I decided to reinstall windows, everything went fine, all 5 gpu detected on device manager, but when I started the mining program, the screen stuck even before DAG creation , I wait for several hours but it still stuck there. Anyone facing this problem?

I’m using latest claymore miner, already tried using phoenix and etherminer, all same, stuck before DAG creation. Tried to mine only using 1 GPU, but its the same. Tried to use blockchain driver, and latest adrenalin driver, still same problem.

Any help appreciated, thanks

[Stuck here](

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