Ethereum : Miner stuck (Claymore & Phoenix) – Windows Sluggish + BSOD

Ethereum update: Miner stuck (Claymore & Phoenix) – Windows Sluggish + BSOD

Hey Guys,

I usually never post here but I’m out of ideas and freaking out.

I’m building a 12 GPU rig. 6 x 570 and 6 x 580. I started using the Asus Mining Expert card but after getting errors (PC crashing after 4 cards, not being able to install drivers, freezing, PC very slow, not being able to flash etc) I changed it to the AsRock H110.

Anyway I’ve tested everything even changed CPU for a new one, PSUs, Mobo. I have no idea what’s causing this. I can see all 6 or 12 GPUs but it either mines or doesn’t. Right now it’s running with 6 cards after leaving Claymore open for 5 minutes it got pass the first phase of loading and started mining

Could this be caused by the risers? It doesn’t matter what kind of combination of cards I choose it just won’t work properly.

I’ve done a test where I plug in cards one by one until I get the error, then I unplug that one and put in a different one and I get the same error again then I try a different one and it works and then the 7th card doesn’t BUT they all get recognized by windows.

I’m so frustrated

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