Ethereum : Miner using dynamic memory instead of gpu memory

Ethereum update: Miner using dynamic memory instead of gpu memory

Hey guys, I got an issue where after I run a game for a while, when I relaunch phoenixminer it seems to be putting part of the DAG in dynamic/system memory instead of the GPU’s memory.
I’ll be using 634MB D3D Dedicated/34MB D3D Dynamic according to hwinfo while idle on my desktop. [Once I launch Phoenixminer, it will start off with 1954MB D3D Memory Dedicated/1485 D3D Memory Dynamic, with a hashrate of about 1.8MH/s.](
I let it run for a few minutes, and then it drops to [~310MB/~3191MB dynamic/dedicated and the hashrate raises to 7.1.](
Then 150MB/3159MB and the hashrate climbs to 14MH/s. [Sometimes after running for a few more minutes, it will go to ~20-50MB dynamic/~3,342MB Dedicated and the hashrate returns to its normal 28.2MH/s,]( other times it will sit with 150MB in dynamic for hours, requiring a reboot in order to recover the hash rate. I get the same result if I use Claymore to mine.
Sometimes, it will go from 1MH and high dynamic to full speed almost instantly:
Is there a way to force it to not use dynamic memory so I don’t have to reboot to recover my hashrate?

Core i7 4770k
16GB DDR3 ram
MSI Z97 Gaming 5
MSI Radeon RX 470 Gaming X 4GB (Samsung memory, bios modded, undervolted and overclocked to 1100MHz core/1900MHz RAM).
Adrenaline 18.6.1
Windows 10 Pro 1709

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