Ethereum : Months of trouble shooting, trouble shooting seems to make things worse

Ethereum update: Months of trouble shooting, trouble shooting seems to make things worse

Long time reader first time poster on this sub, so please be gentle. Before I get into nitty gritty details of my setup and my problem, a little back story on my experience with setting up a miner.

Me and a buddy at the start of the year went in and started our mining rig. Our first trial run of mining SIA on older spare hardware I had went well, almost no issues! So we decide to take a deeper dive and start a ETH mining rig. I read about 100 different guide finally decide on our hardware. Get the rig put together windows installed, set up claymore and we are off to the races! Then…… CRASH, after crash. Trouble shooting would fix issues for a few days then it would crash suddenly. This has been our experience with this machine since February.I come from a IT professional background so I am not new to trouble shooting computer issues. Claymore event logs would look fine, recording events up until the computer shuts down. So nothing in the logs that gives me a hint at what happened, so I go to windows Event Viewer. Event Viewer shows errors but they are just related to unexpected shut downs, nothing of real value.

Months and months of trouble shooting brings me to the issue last week. Last week we had an unexpected shut down and since then we had trouble getting video output from any of our cards (Was using an AMD mobo so no onboard graphics). Use DDU to remove AMD block chain drivers, switch to AMD regular drivers, saw a suggestion of using compute mode instead of graphics. Every time I tried to turn this option on the miner would display fine until a shutdown/reboot, then once it loads into windows black screen. So being frustrated with this I purchased a Intel MOBO and CPU. Installed it wendsday, got it up and running 5 cards with close to our average hash rate before (130MH/s). Hung out about a half hour, went home and checked the miner remotely andddddddd it was down again.Me and buddy hit it up again last night. Use DDU uninstall drivers, resintall drivers. Restart PC, slow on logging into windows. Check in device manager and 1 of the 5 cards is not showing up. Disconnect the card and restart windows, no slowness logging into or starting up. Got 4 cards running, but they are running at only about 16 MH/s each, a whole 10 MH/s less than before. Its late so we decide to just leave it there for the night. Some is better than none right? Any thoughts on things that can be done to trouble shoot? And reason for the drastic drop off in hashing rate?

My hardware currently is as follows

|GPU x5|[Sapphire PULSE Radeon RX 580 8GB ](|
|CPU|[Intel G3930 ](|
|RAM|[Patriot Signature Line 8GB (2 x 4GB) 2400MHz](|
|SSD|[ADATA Premier SP600 128 GB](|
|PSU x2 | [EVGA SuperNOVA 850 G3](|
|Riser X 5| [PCIE Riser 1X TO 16X](|
|PSU Splitter | [Pro 24 Pin Male to Female Dual PSU](|

I have attached a diagram I created showing how I have everything wired. All risers are powered by the PSU that is powering that GPU, using either 6-pin or MOLEX.

Software details:
– AMD Adrenalin Edition 18.6.1 drivers
– Claymore v11.8
– Windows 10 Pro x64 with all current updates.

Any thoughts on what I can do to trouble shoot would help me a ton, I am at ends and not sure what to do now. I can post my past trouble shooting issues and my attempted solutions if that helps too. I know everyone posts that Linux is better than windows…. I am computer savvy, coding savvy, a tiny bit of linux savvy, but I do not feel I know enough to setup linux easily. If someone can point to a guide on setting linux stuff up for mining Id be willing to give it a shot, but otherwise windows is just easier for me to manage due to familiarty.

Edit#1: To add picture of wiring, since my reddit image upload is not showing.

Edit#2: Also want to add, that when i run the start file in administrator it will open and close quickly. Thus i cannot enable compute mode in claymore since i cannot open the window as administrator. Will post my start.bat file if that would help.

Edit#3: A switch to hiveOS seems to have fixed a lot. Running stable for a few hours now will report back in a week if it has crashed or not.
Thanks to all for all the helpful comments.

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