Ethereum : MSI card randomly stops working

Ethereum update: MSI card randomly stops working

Hello All,

Im currently running a 5 GPU rig with different cards. I have 4 cards running as one of my power color gpu’s keeps giving me issues.

I wanted to try to fix it so I disconnected the 4 working cards and connected the one with the issue. I couldn’t figure it out so I reconnected the 4 cards and kicked off the machine.

This time for some reason, one card was not recognizable by the cpu.

Card: MSI Radeon rx580 Armor

I tried flashing bios but there is nothing found to flash. I tried different risers and different pci slots. Any idea on what I can do to get this card working again?

On one attempt the fans 1/8 turned and stopped. Got my hopes up.

Thanks in advance!

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