Ethereum : Need help regarding erc20 airdrops

Ethereum update: Need help regarding erc20 airdrops

Sorry if these are old questions, I can’t find anywhere else

1. If someone wants me to enter an address to receive an ERC 20 token airdrop, what address should I enter ?
A normal eth wallet address or some other address ( trust wallet/ meta mask ?

Because they write something like ” enter your ethereum address here ” but I don’t think normal eth address will work for all the tokens.

2. If it is the later, how would I create a custom eth address for a token in meta mask or trust wallet ?

It will be really helpful if someone could point me to a tutorial.

3. Which one is better meta mask or trust wallet or some other wallet ? ( safety/support more tokens)

I appreciate any help from the community.
Thanks 🙂

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