Ethereum : One stupid riser- Mysterious rig crashing

Ethereum update: One stupid riser- Mysterious rig crashing

Just wanted to share my recent bug incase it helps anyone.

My 7x gtx 1060 rig started crashing every few hours after running seamlessly for like 6 months.

The bugs were mysterious and resulted in the mining program closing due to gpu failure… (multiple ones would fail at the same time)

Ambiguous right.

So i started taking out my cards one by one until it ran smoothly, assuming that the last card that i took out leading to the stability is the one with the issue.

After that i replaced the riser associated with the card with issue and voila everything is nice and stable after 24 hours. It was interesting how one riser can cause errors with other gpus (at least being reported in the error log)

The stupidest and most annoying issues imo are the ones that ur system doesnt really identify. But when in doubt check ur risers

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