Ethereum : PhoenixMiner: “GPU4: Thread not responding, restart” error?

Ethereum update: PhoenixMiner: “GPU4: Thread not responding, restart” error?


I have a miner with 4x480s MSI GAMING X 8GB’s.

Recently I changed to Phoenixminer after Claymore would just crash and restart my PC. I normally never had problems with it, ran great and good temps but after I updated it just wasn’t doing it for me anymore.

Regardless, I tried out PhoenixMiner and I fell madly in love with it. The fact that it auto tunes ur GPUs is a godsend and it runs more stable without crashes compared to Claymore.

However, one of the GPUs (#4) to be exact seems to go unresponsive after a +12 hrs running one the first instance with the error “GPU4: Threads not responding, restarting…”

Luckily it restarts but after another couple hours it hangs and it does it again. Mines normally however until it does it again.

What should I do? I have the original bios backed up somewhere. My idea is to flash the OG bios and find a diff modded bios for the Gaming X ver. Or is my card ready for GPU heaven? Its normally @ 72C but stable, @ 31.5 mh/s.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated thank you!

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