Ethereum : Please help, my rig is off for 2 weeks and I can’t figure out how to make it work.

Ethereum update: Please help, my rig is off for 2 weeks and I can’t figure out how to make it work.

2x AsRock H110 Pro BTC, 13x RX580 8gb, 2x 1070 ti, 8gb ram, Intel G3930 2.9 GHz Celeron Processor, PCIE Riser VER009S, windows 10 pro

Started with a rig of 4+2 and all went well. then I bought additional 7 gpu to make it 13 (11+2) rig.

Could not manage to make work all 13 GPU because the windows were lagging a lot.

12 (10+2) GPU rig was still a bit lagging but it works. 11 (9+2) GPU rig had no problems.

So I tried to change the OS to Linux (Ubuntu) as my friend has known how to work with it but with no success. In process of installing Ubuntu, I have decided to delete windows due to an error during instaling. After no success with Ubuntu, I have instaled windows pro 10 back but can’t manage to make work more than 4 gpu together. The whole windows is lagging a lot and can’t figure out why.

I have reinstalled win 10x.

Tried the rig only with AMD cards.

Tried a different combination of cards if some of the risers are faulty.

15xSafe mode and cleaned all drivers with DDU.

Bought new motherboard – no change.

Virtual memory: initial 12GB, Max 18GB

Tried the last 2 versions of AMD drivers.

GPUs are bios flashed could that be a problem?

Also forgot to back up original bios when I deleted the previous windows.

4 pin power connector is plugged into the motherboard.

Any ideas??

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