Ethereum : Power supply question

Ethereum update: Power supply question

Hey guys,

Currently I am running a Gaming during the day and mining at night rig, with these specs:

* i5-7600k @ 4.6ghz
* GTX 1060 ASUS Windforce (small OC when gaming and under powering when mining)
* 600w 80+ Gold PSU ([](

A friend of mine is upgrading his GPU and has a old RX580 that ill be picking up. I basically just want to run the 580 GPU for mining only and nothing gaming wise.

I have ran a few calculators and it looks like ill be at about 580ish watts, but ill be im guessing (new to AMD cards) ill be under powering it like my 1060.

Should I get a new PSU or will my current 600w work?

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