Ethereum : pretty much just a bunch of claymore questions

Ethereum update: pretty much just a bunch of claymore questions

*probably super basic stuff so sorry*

started on nicehash(cuz its simple) but am now trying to use claymore, took me a little to set up and it sort of works now but still a lot of questions

1.) this always pops up when i start the miner although not entirely sure what it means, I just leave it running anyway and it seems fine

Please read “Readme” file for details.This pool ([]( does not support Ethereum addresses as login (or requires worker name in “Login.Worker” format) and cannot be used for devfee mining, therefore it is not supported.

However, you can mine on this pool if you specify “-allpools 1” option, default pools (different from this pool) will be used for devfee.

2.) ive ran claymore a couple times and it has worked fine although a second ago every one of my shares was being rejected. i tried to figure it out but after restarting it like 4 times it just started working again? not sure if somethings wrong or i should just be glad it fixed

3.) Im only mining ETH but this comes up in the console, not sure why it says im mining two

ETH – Total Speed: 71.655 Mh/s, Total Shares: 14, Rejected: 0, Time: 00:07

ETH: GPU0 49.516 Mh/s, GPU1 22.139 Mh/s

DCR – Total Speed: 716.554 Mh/s, Total Shares: 1, Rejected: 1

DCR: GPU0 495.160 Mh/s, GPU1 221.394 Mh/s

heres my file maybe somethings wrong with it:






D:\Downloads\claymore\EthDcrMiner64.exe -epool []( -ewal 0x06860356D64dad84C39089F6c0dc54d4914C25AA -epsw x

*if someone has a fix/im just being stupid please explain in a very basic way, trying to learn*

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