Ethereum : problem with r9 390x

Ethereum update: problem with r9 390x

I have a very small mining rig with a 580 and a r9 390x. I have been having many problems with my rig, and I have fixed all of the other problems this should be the last one. The r9 390x in my rig has been having problems with temperature, once the card hits 60 degrees (or a temperature close to that) it stops mining and sometimes crashes the whole system with it. About a week ago I was looking at the cards temps and once it hit 60 degrees the card’s temperature read 7000 degrees, but now it just crashes msi afterburner and stops mining with the error of Watchdog: GPU hangs in OpenCL. I was not having this problem about a month ago, so this problem is relatively new. I was wondering if anyone knows what might fix this, or what might have caused this?

edit: The miner works perfectly if it is just running the 580


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