Ethereum : Problem with Vega 64 liquid or Riser or mobo

Ethereum update: Problem with Vega 64 liquid or Riser or mobo

hey guys, i just bought 3x vega 64 liquid to start mining with a TB250+ mobo (biostar) i have 2x 1200W cooler Master platinum PSU and 6x 008s (6pin/4/sata) riser, G4400 CPU and a add 2 psu for sync my psu together, so my problem is when i install my GPUs on riser it’s all freaky sometimes mobo detect GPUs all together (mobo have a screen on boot that tell if gpu is detected ) but most of the times mobo detect only 1 and so many time no gpu detected, i did placed every gpu on main PCI slut one by one and all GPU are fine but on riser they sucks, i’m getting crazy about this shit, my bios is updated to the last and 4g is set and all pci are set on gen 2 (i have emailed biostar and they said set to gen 2 ), i don’t know what to do about it.

need help

edit one:

i have installed GPU drivers (AMD Adrenalin) one by one on windows 10, and once they just appear all together i set them under-voltage to 1100 and memory to 905 and frequency of memory to 1100 as i installed driver their core frequency was on 1750 and i didn’t changed that.

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