Ethereum : Problems with Claymore – GPU hangs in openCL Call, error 47

Ethereum update: Problems with Claymore – GPU hangs in openCL Call, error 47

Using Claymore via Nicehash. I believe it is Claymore 11.7. Solo mining Dagger. After ~30 min or so, I get an error on my second GPU stating openCL Call, error 47 , unable to restart (something to that extent, not exact words). The Claymore window then shuts down and will restart. But now the second gpu core and memory settings have been reset to the factory setting (using Overdrive N to set my custom core and memory settings).

I’m thinking this is a power issue…? I have my power management set at high performance, and the PCI-E link disabled.

What else should I look for? Riser? Sata cable to riser? Now that I am thinking about it, the GPU without the issue has its riser powered by a split connection to the GPU via a 6pin. The GPU with the problem has a riser from 6pin to SATA to PSU.

Specs: (2) 570 8gb, Windows 10 ver 1709, Polaris one click bios mod, core 1200/850, memory 2175/850

Additional info: 0 hardware error via hwinfo, 0 rejected shares

UPDATE #1: I switched from a SATA connection to the riser to a 6pin connection to the riser. I was able to get over 8 hours of unerrupted hashing (with no memory errors or rejected shares) on Claymore 11.8. Unfortunately, after 8 hours the same problem appeared: the Claymore stopped and restarted and the second GPU was reset to stock core and voltage settings.

Now I am thinking it may be either a hardware (riser, pcie adapter, usb 3.0 cable) or an issue with my core/memory settings. I will change out the hardware first and see if that helps.

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